C4Service – First Burst

C4service First Burst Powder Shed Recs PSR001 CD-FrontcoverCD in vinyl disc design w/ gatefold cover C4Service - First Burst - vinyl disc design and gatefold cover
PSR 001

little sicko
hit it
wall street fighting man


PRESS (on the previously released tape version):
Ox #117: „Das hier hat Wumms und Wut … gutes Songwriting … fit an ihren Geräten … eine richtig gute neue Band”
Plastic Bomb #89: „ziemlich ansprechend und vor allem eigenständig … Gelungener Einstand“
Maximum Rocknroll #380: „Melodic punk with a mid-paced tempo that feels like it wants to unleash, which gives the whole thing a certain tension. … Female vocals are gruff and throaty, and along with the guitar they make the band seem more agressive …“

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